The Nobu Warsaw Hotel is a combination of two unique spaces: the historic wing of the hotel, whose style draws on art déco, and the contemporary part with a modern glass and stone form. The hotel blends in with the city's greenery thanks to the vegetation adorning the outdoor terraces. The hotel captures Warsaw's style, i.e. a combination of history with modernity.

Located in the heart of Warsaw, The Nobu Warsaw offers 117 rooms, a conference space, and a restaurant.

Investor: TACIT Development
Completion date: 2020
Executed based on a design by Medusa Group

NAP supplied the furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories:
NOBU Suite: Stellar Works chairs, tables and sofas, Ritzwell and Vank armchairs, District Eight swivel chairs, Won benches, Aytm mirrors;
hotel suites: Stellar Works chairs, NAP tables, and sofas, Milano Bedding sofas; conference space: Zebra chairs and SCAB cocktail tables, Vank tables (including folding tables), mediaports;
restaurant: Stellar Works sofas